Best Tasting 3rd Place

Lantz by Ridgeline Farms


What Is Greenwolf’s Zalympix?

Created by popular cannabis brand Greenwolf back in 2020, Zalympix has positioned itself to be the largest weed competition to date, setting themselves apart as the premiere platform for recognizing and celebrating the world’s best growers. Originally launched as the Zalympix People’s Choice Awards, Greenwolf quickly discovered the value in bridging the gap between consumers and brands, by allowing consumers to weigh in on their favorite strains and products.

Which is the main selling point here: the actual people get to vote and pick the winners. With the purchase of “the Zalympix judge kit,” you’re able to test all the entries, which typically come in the form of an ounce of flower. You’re then able to cast your vote in the following categoriesBEST LOOKING, MOST POTENT, MOST UNIQUE, BEST TASTING, BEST TERPS, GASSIEST FLOWER, and BEST OVERALL.