Ridgeline Farms and owner Jason Gellman was honored for the 2018 Business of The Year Award at the Southern Humboldt Chamber of Commerce. It is the first time for the Southern Humboldt Chamber of Commerce and for Jason Gellman to have the award go to a local Craft Cannabis Farmer. Ridgeline Farms won the Emerald Cup for their cannabis strain Green Lantern last year.

The Chamber issued a statement saying, “Jason has been a major supporter of community events for many years in Southern Humboldt and was raised in Southern Humboldt. He is a shining example of the amazing work and love that goes into growing some of the best craft cannabis in the region.”

When asked how he felt about the honor and all the attention, Jason replied, “It is hard to believe all this has happened in the past few months and I am so grateful to be part of the Southern Humboldt heritage that makes our cannabis the best in the world”

The Southern Humboldt Chamber is in Garberville and they enhance our quality of life & environment by promoting tourism & assisting local businesses to expand and prosper. The Chamber also functions as an advocate for Southern Humboldt at the County, State and Federal Levels.