Ridgeline Places At Zalympix

Ridgeline Places At Zalympix

Best Tasting 3rd Place

Lantz by Ridgeline Farms


What Is Greenwolf’s Zalympix?

Created by popular cannabis brand Greenwolf back in 2020, Zalympix has positioned itself to be the largest weed competition to date, setting themselves apart as the premiere platform for recognizing and celebrating the world’s best growers. Originally launched as the Zalympix People’s Choice Awards, Greenwolf quickly discovered the value in bridging the gap between consumers and brands, by allowing consumers to weigh in on their favorite strains and products.

Which is the main selling point here: the actual people get to vote and pick the winners. With the purchase of “the Zalympix judge kit,” you’re able to test all the entries, which typically come in the form of an ounce of flower. You’re then able to cast your vote in the following categoriesBEST LOOKING, MOST POTENT, MOST UNIQUE, BEST TASTING, BEST TERPS, GASSIEST FLOWER, and BEST OVERALL.

Ridgeline Farms Highlighted At Harvest Ball &  High Times

Ridgeline Farms Highlighted At Harvest Ball & High Times

Ridgeline Farms

Second-generation grower Jason Gelman of Ridgeline Farm has come into some minor celebrity as of late. He is what I call weed famous. One of the first legacy growers to team up with Berner’s Cookies through the Humboldt Grown Initiative, Ridgeline’s award-winning genetics speak for themselves. The organic, sun-grown flower was the top-selling SKU in Cookies California retail locations for weeks in 2021. That’s saying something.

For Jason and the team at Ridgeline Farms, “The most exciting thing about this collaboration is how many people that have never smoked sun-grown can now enjoy true craft cannabis,” he told me. That said, Jason’s farm in SoHum focuses on quality over quantity that is clear to see.

Best-in-show buds from Ridgeline included Lantz, Green Lantern and Ridgeline Runtz. My favorite was Green Lantern. This strain is pure gas and a powerful illustration of the best that Kush can be. The nose is Diesel fuel dominant, and the flower reaches THC levels as high as 35 percent.

Green Lantern was my go-to ganja all weekend. Far from a fan of pre-rolled pot, I proudly puffed at least 15 of them during my two-day stay in the bay. Keep an eye on Ridgeline Farms in the New Year; definitely cop some yourself if you get the chance.

Source: High Times

Ridgeline Farms Tropic Runtz One of 11 Best Cannabis Strains of 2021

Ridgeline Farms Tropic Runtz One of 11 Best Cannabis Strains of 2021

America’s millions of cannabis lovers, get ready for an overflowing cornucopia of chronic.

As you read this, the nation’s world-class ganja farmers have thousands of metric tons of outdoor-grown pot air-drying in cool, darkened rooms. Thousands of sun-grown varieties will boggle dispensary shoppers’ minds this fall and into 2022.

Pair legalization with amazing breeders, growers, and sunny weather, and boom: “There’s a huge-ass harvest out there,” said Daniel Hendricks at the influential HendRx Farm nursery in the nation’s cannabis heartland, Humboldt County, CA.

So what are the quintessential, 11 best cannabis cultivars of the 2021 harvest? The trendsetters and exemplars? Who are the Most Valuable Players in this $18.3 billion legal industry? What flavors did outdoor and greenhouse farmers grow tons of because the people demand them?

Here’s the best of the harvest, destined for your bubblers by Danksgiving. Look for these 11 strains and their close cousins for that undeniable fire in your life.

LEAF PICKS: Ridgeline Farms Runtz Proves To Be a Winner and Provides a Legendary Lift

LEAF PICKS: Ridgeline Farms Runtz Proves To Be a Winner and Provides a Legendary Lift

Hailing from Alpine in the legendary growing region of Southern Humboldt, Ridgeline Farms earns its stellar reputation with every harvest. Owner Jason Gellman and his cultivation team won first place in the last two pre-COVID Emerald Cup competitions, and for good reason – the Ridgeline team is intensely skilled at the craft.

This attention to quality in cultivation is why we chose Ridgeline Runtz as our strain of the month for this heady issue, where we celebrate 4/20 and the wonderful world of glass blowing. Ridgeline won the Emerald Cup with their version of this strain in 2019, and the second you crack open a jar from the most recent harvest, it’s obvious why. The terpene-rich aromatics wafting from these tight, sparkling nugs contain a multitude of mouthwatering candied fruit notes, led by the unforgettable presence of limonene. There’s a deep, round richness underlying the bright confectionery sweetness, and the fruit carries through to the flavor – sampled in both a flower vaporizer and twisted up in a joint, the Ridgeline Farms Runtz didn’t lose the flavorful punch telegraphed by the aroma.

Swiftly elevating the senses to a place of intensely energetic euphoria, this flower has quickly raced onto our shortlist of favorites currently available on the market. Enjoyed in the afternoon, you might find yourself wanting to go for a long, leisurely walk. Sampled before bedtime, it may just inspire you to stay up a little longer, perhaps drawing while listening to records. It’s a stunning crown jewel leading the stellar lineup of strains from the Ridgeline Farms hoop houses – trust us and go snag some before the upcoming holiday. You won’t regret it.

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