California’s Cookies, co-founded and helmed by hip hop artist Berner, is launching a new craft cannabis Line – the Humboldt Grown Initiative.

Produced by the company’s cultivation partners based in the three NorCal counties of Humboldt, Mendocino and Trinity – that is to say, the historic Emerald Triangle – the new product line is hitting shelves in Cookies and Lemonnade dispensaries across California, in time for “Croptober.”

The Humboldt Grown Initiative represents a tribute to the area’s pioneering cannabis innovators, the company reported Tuesday.

“There’s no doubt the Emerald Triangle made American cannabis culture what it is today, and it’s still arguably one of the best climates in the world to cultivate cannabis,” said Berner, co-founder and CEO of Cookies. “In this new era with bigger companies buying up massive facilities and mass-producing products, it’s made it so much harder for smaller craft cannabis cultivators to be successful. One of our missions at Cookies is to help people from the old game stay in the game. We are truly honored to support this community and these craft growers and give them the recognition they deserve.”

The initiative partners include One Log House, a hub for processing, packaging and distribution; Native Humboldt Farms founded and operated by Lindsey Renner; Aloha Humboldt,  which is owned by Linsey and Ryan Jones, who have been cultivating cannabis since 1998, and the Ridgeline Farms, owned and operated by second-generation cultivator Jason Gellman.