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Ridgeline Farms focuses on quality over quantity, family values and environmental stewardship in our owner operated Cannabis Farm. We care deeply about cannabis, growing it with natural and organic techniques that both produce the highest quality product and protect the natural habitat we are lucky to be surrounded by. No city scape here, Ridgeline Farms sits high above Southern Humboldt County overlooking majestic redwood trees, rolling oak forests and the winding Eel River. The Farm has sweeping views of the world-renowned Kings Range, a central feature of Southern Humboldt’s landscape. Our unique location creates the perfect environment for Cannabis to thrive, bringing high potency and strong terpenes to every strain we are blessed to grow here. As lifelong residents, and second-generation farmers we are committed to continue being pioneers of the industry as we bring quality products we create.

Perfect Enviroment for Cannabis to Thrive

Two Year’s In A Row Winner of The Prestigious Emerald Cup

Green Lantern, just one of the winning strains from Ridgeline Farms is an Indica-leaning hybrid with lineage of OG Kush, Skunk and Berry – but its exact genetics are a mystery. This flower has gassy aromas with sweet, cherry pie flavors offering an energizing, euphoric effect that’s heavy-duty at first, but mellows out.

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Green Lantern Emerald Cup Winner!

Is a truly limited boutique strain handcrafted in the hills of northern Mendocino and southern Humboldt County’s the resin content and floral overtones bring out the best qualities of the flavor profiles. It’s extremely gassy with the dominant smell of Sour Diesel and the power of the strongest kushes the lantern is a true AAA strain. Reaching thc levels of 35.1 %. It stands alone as a true boutique strain. It’s genetics remain one of the true mysteries.

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