“Growing up in southern Humboldt there were multiple options for Different lines of work but one job would actually make you a lot of money quickly. At 15 I would help work on my dad’s construction crew, but I was already starting my cannabis career on the side. Back then we were hiking up hills downhills basically anywhere far away in the backcountry where there was water available and planting veged up seed plants straight into the ground. You didn’t need a massive number like you do today to make a profit back then the value was so high a few plants could make you a lot of money.”

Growing up @hightimesmagazine was always the one for us Humboldt Kids. It’s an iconic magazine that has recorded the culture of cannabis for as long as I can remember.
The plant has given me everything and is humbling and surreal to be given a full write up in the September issue of High Times.

I couldn’t be more honored to keep helping shine the light on our small community. Thank you for the amazing write up @thejimidevine photography @philemerson @msleedesigns and thanks for giving this small farmer such an amazing platform to help shine light on a struggling industry of a amazing cannabis community that needs all the energy they could get right now.

Jason Gellman

Nestled high in the hills of Southern Humboldt, overlooking the winding Eel River and groves of ancient redwoods, you will find Ridgeline Farms. Named for its panoramic view of the sprawling King Range, the award-winning farm is owned and operated by second-generation farmer Jason Gellman. “This is my home,” he says. “I love it more here than anywhere.”

Gellman grew up in Southern Humboldt and has witnessed the evolution of the cannabis industry. He recalls a time when farmers grew indoors or deep in the forest to hide their crop, followed by the Green Rush when the Emerald Triangle became saturated with out-of-staters moving in to make a quick buck. Then came legalization.There’s been ups and down, but it’s been amazing.”

As a small farmer, Gellman believes it’s about quality over quantity. “I believe that’s why I win awards. I have such a small farm; I know my plants very well. I know what I feed them; I know every one of them.” Gellman says it’s important for consumers to know what kind of product they’re putting in their body but also where their money goes when they buy a product. “If one person owns a small farm that can take care of their family and help support the community, that’s amazing, but if one person owns acres and acres it doesn’t spread around as much. When they buy from a small farm, they’re not only getting quality, but they’re supporting the community.”-By Isabella Vanderheiden


“Gellman grew up fishing, hunting, riding his bike, and playing in the woods. At harvesttime, there would be parties outside, under the moon. Families would grow “pencil patches,” as one farmer called them, sections of the crop whose proceeds would go to underfunded schools in the area. By selling their cannabis, the back-to-the-landers funded a community center, the Redwoods Rural Health Center, and KMUD, the nonprofit radio station .”




Ridgeline Hats

2023 Harvest

A Legacy of Emerald Cup Winnings!

Is a truly limited boutique strain handcrafted in the hills of northern Mendocino and southern Humboldt County’s the resin content and floral overtones bring out the best qualities of the flavor profiles. It’s extremely gassy with the dominant smell of Sour Diesel and the power of the strongest kushes the lantern is a true AAA strain. Reaching thc levels of 35.1 %. It stands alone as a true boutique strain. It’s genetics remain one of the true mysteries.

Ridgeline Making Headlines

Perfect Environment for Cannabis to Thrive

Winner of The Prestigious Emerald Cup

Green Lantern, just one of the winning strains from Ridgeline Farms is an Indica-leaning hybrid with lineage of OG Kush, Skunk and Berry – but its exact genetics are a mystery. This flower has gassy aromas with sweet, cherry pie flavors offering an energizing, euphoric effect that’s heavy-duty at first, but mellows out.

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